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Do you need Air-Conditioning, but do not want to go to the expense and inconvenience of installing a fixed system? Or perhaps you live in rented accommodation and cannot make such a structural addition to your home. The answer is one of our portable air-conditioners or room-coolers.
Choose the machine which suits your needs and click on the image to buy it.

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The "electriq"™ Portable Air-Conditioner is a great solution for improving the comfort of a room up to a floor-area of 18 m2 (6 by 3, 5 by 3½ or 4 by 4½ metres, for instance).
It draws the room air in at the sides and pumps cold air out of one end and warm air out of the other, so moving the vent hose from the warm end to the cold end turns the machine from an air-conditioner into a heater.
It can also act as a fan by operating without either heating or cooling the air. In both modes there are two fan settings, high and low.
It needs to be positioned close to a window to allow the vent hose to exhaust warm air in summer or cold air in winter. The window gap is closed by an extending panel which blocks the vented air from blowing back into the room.
With a maximum power consumption of only 900 watts the "electriq"™ is economical to run.

The "Symphony" "Diet12i"™ Room Coolers are a great way of cooling a small room, of up to 13 m2 (about 4 by 3 metres, or slightly larger).
It works by blowing out cold water vapour, so the room it is in should have some ventilation to avoid condensation forming. As it does not need to vent out of a window it can be placed anywhere in the room. You fill the tank with water and the resulting vapour gives a far greater cooling effect than a fan on its own. You can add ice for an even colder output.
It comes with a remote control (2 AAA batteries required), which operates all of the functions - Power, Cooling, Fan Speed, Swing and Timer.
With a power consumption of only 90 watts it is very economical to operate.

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